Mickey/Minnie Pop Socket

Mickey/Minnie Pop Socket

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Get your Mickey or Minnie pop socket personalized. Add your favorite color glitter, solid color or marble look to your favorite character, Either one will look its absolute best anywhere you go!

** The Colors for Marble are made with White and your color of choosing.**

*If you are choosing a picture pop socket, Please email your picture.

* To Place a special order do the Following:

1. Select Any Material, Color and Character

2. Add to cart

3. Pay For it. Then Send me an email with your Name, Order Number, Material, Color you would like, character and Quantity. Thank You For Your Support!

* If your buying Two(2) or more of the following, Please BUY Two(2) or more before emailing. Thank You!

** All Special Orders are to be Emailed @nikkiscreations2021@gmail.com.**

* Made with a 1:1 ratio of Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin

*Colors are made with Multi-Surface Alcohol Ink

* Glitter made from glitter

* Pictures made with Photo Paper

* DO NOT put keychain next to Open Flame, In Microwaves, ect.

* Handle With Love and Care

ATTENTION!!! Due to Covid-19, Please allow up to 5-12 business days for some shipping items to process and arrive. If you have any questions please email @ NikkiCreations2021@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration and support.